Day +203 Post Bone Marrow Transplant 

Day +203: We got the results about Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) today. It’s gone down from 2600 to 2200 (Friday’s draw) and now 1400 (Monday’s draw), so we will test it weekly until it’s gone. Or if increases, we will treat it. It’s good news and we hope it trends down quickly, because weekly lab draws are increasingly difficult and EBV can affect the bone marrow transplant, but we are happy about the results so far. 

Kiira’s oldest sister told me today she wants to be a doctor when she grows up to help EB kids. She is almost 6 and has a lot of time to change her mind, but it’s so precious to see the positive role EB has in her life for now, considering there aren’t too many. Love my girls!


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