Day +259 Post Bone Marrow Transplant

Day +259: To the person in front of me at Starbucks, thank you for leaving a gift card specifically for Kiira! She loves to go with me, even if she isn’t feeling well. She has had a fever on and off, a cold, thrush from the steroids, an entire palm missing skin, a large head wound, and other wounds that are possibly infected, all of which probably contributed to her white blood cell count skyrocketing this week. She missed our entire Easter celebration and we laid low all week trying to remove any cause for more injury and allow her time to heal. We had so much fun last week, meeting up with friends, playing hard, and her sisters were off for spring break, but the activity took its toll. However, there is good news too! Kiira’s labs show the steroids are eliminating the antibodies causing her anemia and the Epstein Barr virus counts are lower.

Tomorrow I head out on a 4-day trip and I hate to leave Kiira when she is feeling so miserable. Plus Jason has been pretty sick all week, but I’m praying they feel better tomorrow so that they can get through the weekend in better spirits.

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