+10 Days

Day +10: This morning I lifted Kiira up from her blanket and there was hair all over it. I knew it was going to happen, and she is doing great, but for some reason, losing hair is symbolic, and I’m sure all who have gone through chemo can relate. I’m not going to shave my head–she is just a baby and doesn’t know and will be nearly even with my other girls at 9 months. But still, to lose that sweet, fine baby hair with the little curl… It just tugs at my heart a bit.

Kiira had a good day of playing, laughing, getting mad with that strong temper she has, and no fever or vomiting. As long as her fever stays away, we’ll get to bring her home (in Mn) soon!

The rest of the family went to Lake Nakomis today and realized a triathlon was happening, so parking was horrible, and then tonight my dad took me to dinner downtown and there was a huge concert going on. I guess we aren’t very “in” on the city happenings. However, the food and company were great, and it was a much needed break from those 4 walls.

Today’s bible verse was a good reminder for me, and I just have to say that I’m trying! “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances;” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18.

WBC: 3.8 (L)
ANC: 3.2

Kiira Kinkle

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