+11 Days / 9 Months Old

Today Kiira is 9 months old! Not only has she been out in this world longer than in my tummy, but she has been through more in the past 9 months than I have in my life. She is about 17 lbs, still on the verge of crawling, pulls up on her knees, babbles (even Ma comes out now and then), sometimes waves hi, and she is building her second immune system. She is a busy girl!

Today is also day +11 and Kiira is doing well. They moved most of her medicines from IV to her gtube so that by the time we bring her home, we shouldn’t need any IV meds. She is still keeping down her feeds and will likely be on a continuous feed at home, but they’re trying to kick us out of here soon! It’s kind of scary since the nurses keep such a close watch on Kiira and her meds, but it will be nice to have the family back together again. We should know more tomorrow.

WBC: 2.6 (L)
ANC: 1.7

Kiira Kinkle

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