Day +1: Kiira and Miia are both doing great today. We had a few hours where we unhooked Kiira from the IV so she could walk around freely. She gave out a lot of hugs and thrives with her sisters around. She took a tumble though and sheared the skin off her cheek and then hit her lip on the crib and injured it too. She looks very beat up right now but still smiling (pics are from before the fall). 
Reality is setting in that Jason and the girls leave Saturday. I don’t think either of us have in it us to say more at this point, but I’ll spend tomorrow with the older girls and Jason will be with Kiira. Then we will all try to go to dinner while my mom stays with Kiira. 
Catt is also doing well so far, although a little nauseous. 
Thank you for your continued prayers!

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