Day -1 Pre Bone Marrow Transplant Day #2

Day -1: Today Kiira was sedated for her total body irradiation. It will make her sick eventually and lead to mucositis, but we didn’t have too many side effects last time and hoping for the same this time. I did Kiira’s bandages in the recovery room, but we had to do her central line bandage change in her room. My sweet friend Gabriella came to help, but Kiira’s skin was so damaged from the last one. The adhesive remover and cleaner stung her wounds and some bandages were stuck to the torn skin. Nothing has even started healing in 2 days, so we tried to keep anything sticky from her the open wounds this time. Kiira screamed and writhed in pain. I do not know what I’ll do if we keep going through this–if EB gets to the point where this is a daily thing, central line or not. Admittedly, I felt like I was going to pass out. I’ve dealt with a lot of her wounds and pop blisters daily, but something about this tore at my heart as she looked into my eyes, tears streaming down her cheeks. God, I pray this BMT helps her! 
Kiira was very sleepy after and fell asleep to the strumming of a guitar. Tonight she had a slight temperature and red cheeks–almost like she was sunburned, but full of energy and joy. 
Miia also had her physical and blood test today. Tomorrow we arrive at 6am for her sedation and harvest of bone marrow, as they call it. She will get a needle in each hip bone from the back. When she wakes, she will be admitted to the BMT floor while her blood/stem cells are processed. Then she will get to watch Kiira get her stem cells tomorrow afternoon. I cannot believe this day is here! 
Love for Baby Catt and Kiira are on the same track. Catt is doing well so far too and getting her BMT tomorrow too. Please keep them both in your prayers!

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