Day + 12

Day +12: Kiira’s numbers are continuing to fall, so they gave her GCSF, a glycoprotein that stimulates the bone marrow to make white blood cells. Patients old enough to explain, say it can cause bone pain. In some ways I’m glad Kiira is too young to understand and express feelings. She just seemed sleepy today, which is understandable after a nap-less day yesterday and a disrupted sleep through the night. The doctors expect we can go home in 2-3 days unless her numbers go to 0 or she gets a fever. She also has a bit of a rashy face that we’ll keep an eye on.

She has received a few gifts lately, including a Noah’s Ark toy and this beautiful butterfly quilt. Thank you to those who are thinking of us and keeping us in your prayers. I know God is capable of healing Kiira–I just pray He is willing.

Unfortunately in the last day, 2 people in the EB community have passed away. Please keep their families in your prayers too.

WBC: 1.8 (L)
ANC: 0.7 (L)

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