Day +127 Post Bone Marrow Transplant

12196139_324085727762018_5451846465197925388_nDay +127: The engraftment is back: CD3+ 74% from hematopoietic graft plus 1% from MSC graft, CD15+ 5%, and skin 2% (this may not seem like much but it is important, according to Dr. Tolar). So none of that probably means much to you, but CD3 and CD15 are T cells in the immune system that are evaluated to see how many are donor cells vs. Kiira’s cells. Unfortunately these numbers have decreased since the 30 day and 60 day tests. The most alarming number to me is the 5%. While Kiira could benefit from a boost of donor cells (same donor, just an additional dose of her cells) when we go in January, I’m afraid if it hits 0, we may lose the graft completely. So we need some prayers for these numbers to increase. Thinking about putting her through another bone marrow transplant, if that would even be a possibility, is not even an idea I can fathom right now.

We are waiting on the biopsy results to know if she is making any collagen VII yet. That’s probably the more important aspect of this all, because that’s what we need to make her skin stronger.

Tonight’s bandage change was rough and I wish I could take it all away from Kiira.

On a note of thanksgiving, the girls returned to gymnastics tonight. The gym has been so incredibly supportive of our family this year and having gone there for nearly 4 years, it felt like returning home. It really made my heart happy to see the girls do something they love so much. My in-laws were also here all day to spend time with Kiira so I could work and take the girls. It was really nice to visit with them.

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