Day +132 Post Bone Marrow Transplant

12239466_325209274316330_4891194224973904525_nDay +132: The girls are feeling better and Kiira is still healthy, thankfully. Plus her hand that I stepped on is still healing so well. We were talking last night about the fact that we don’t think Kiira doesn’t have fingerprints because she already has so much scarring on her fingers, but she still uses her hands so well. Nothing slows her down!

Today we worked on our travel arrangements for our return trip to Minnesota in January. It’s kind of crazy to think we’ll be heading back there so soon, but it’s also oddly comforting as it gets us more information about Kiira’s bone marrow transplant results. Now we only have to go in for labs every 2 weeks, so I’m sure Kiira will be happy about that!

Overall the past few days have been good, so I’m just feeling thankful for the reprieve and enjoying the endless giggles from my girls today.

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