Day +16 Post Bone Marrow Transplant #2

Day +16: We are still here! Kiira throws up every night around 2am, but then she is good the rest of the day. She is happy and playful and always helpful with medicines and vitals. Her blood pressure is high, but her white blood cell count shot up to 2.0 from 0.3 yesterday and I was really excited. Then the doctor reminded me that though this is great, it’s artificially induced by GCSF, so they’ll give her GCSF for a couple more nights to make sure the counts stay up. Once they stop it, her counts will likely fall and then go up and down for a bit. Once they stay up steadily on their own, we’ll get discharged. There’s no way to predict the date, but I’m hoping for late next week. So I’ll continue to enjoy not having to make my own meals or clean my house while we are inpatient. 
In the meantime, we decided to cut what was left of Kiira’s hair. It looks so much better now! The rest will likely fall out soon, but now it will be easier to clean the throw up out of her at night. 
Thank you so much for your comments (I do read them!), prayers, cards, etc. All these little things help us during this time. Thank you!

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