Day +160 Post Bone Marrow Transplant

12316600_331978340306090_6077295519292072745_nDay +160: Kiira may not take a bottle herself, but she loves to feed her baby doll. She stays busy reading books, playing instruments, and standing anywhere she can, even when it means another bonk in the head. She may not say a lot of words but she knows how to say Elsa and Ariel–the important princesses in my kids’ lives.

Kiira had labs Monday and they weren’t as treacherous as last time. Her labs came back great, but the normal ANC and white blood cell counts make me wonder if she has any donor cells left. We should find out in about a month. Unfortunately her hands, fingers and tops of her feet have been blistering a lot. I wish there was more I could do to prevent it. Now she not only points out the owies, but she pushes on the blisters to figure out what they are. It’s funny she is just now exploring these things that have been a part of her for nearly 14 months. With her being more aware, we keep telling her that we are just trying to help her as we poke her with the needle so that hopefully she gets used to that too and doesn’t fear the necessary tool.

Overall we are good and taking a little trip to the snow with my brother’s family and my parents. We haven’t all been together in probably about a year, so it will be a wonderful outing and give us a chance to spend time together.

We are so thankful for a generous gift we received from a local mom’s group and their families. Also for Flip2It Sports for offering a safe place for Kiira to play and explore.

Please pray for Kiira and Anton and Raul and so many others who need God’s healing. Thank you all so much for your love and support!

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