Day +163 Post Bone Marrow Transplant


Day +163: I finally got the dates to travel to Minnesota in January (brrrr!). Instead of 2 days, we’ll be there for 7 so Kiira can get a temporary central line put in to receive the prep and boost of donor cells. She will still get her biopsy and endoscopy as well. I hope they only have to put her under one time, but I don’t know the exact plan and they still haven’t decided in the pretreatment of either chemo or immunosuppression drugs.

12347585_332669843570273_1871370587002145958_nAlthough the unknown of this trip can be frightening, I try not to think about it. We’ve been enjoying a few days in the snow and got dumped on last night so we enjoyed fresh powder for skiing and sled runs today. Even Kiira went in a sled and loved it. When we stopped, she said “Go! Go!” It’s been so fun spending time with family and letting all the cousins play together.

Please continue to pray for Anton and his family. There is nothing more they can do for him, but today he had a decent day, making more memories with his family. I kept waking last night thinking of him and his sweet smile, his singing, him waving hi to me from his room as I visited with Vanessa… It isn’t my child, but my heart hurts for him and his family and it’s hard not to think that Kiira could be at that point sooner than she should be. We will try to make the most of every day we have with her and whether God grants us a full life-time or a shortened one, we will praise Him for the beautiful gift she is.


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