Day +19 Post BoneMarrow Transplant #2

Day +19: Kiira continues to do well. We’ve transferred almost all of her meds from IV to oral and she remains fever free, with decent white blood cell counts, which means we might get discharged on Thursday! We are very excited, although we still have to stay in Minnesota for a few months while they monitor her. Today Kiira was disconnected from her IV lines nearly all day and she LOVED it. She was attempting to jump and run and spin in circles and didn’t have to yell “STUCK!” at me all day. 
I had a fun visit from a friend today and received some packages in the mail for Kiira. Thank you for thinking of her! 
In other news, today is her daddy’s birthday! She has been singing happy birthday today but won’t sing it for him on the phone. We are so sad to not be with him to celebrate but we wish him a very happy birthday from afar! We love you!

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