Day +192 Post Bone Marrow Transplant

Today is a day of good news! After an amazing worship night last night with friends, many of them prayed over us and for Kiira with the hope that Kiira’s donor numbers would increase enough that she wouldn’t need chemo. Today I got an email from Dr. Tolar to tell us that the majority of her T cells are still donor (CD15 are all recipient), and the plan now is to give her a boost with no conditioning (no chemo or immunosuppression). We are so happy and I can’t wait to find out exact numbers on Monday, but going into this trip, this news made me feel so much better and all I can do is praise God for it as we witness the power of answered prayer once again. 

Also, after about 4 days of favoring one foot and acting grumpy and in pain, yesterday Kiira was back to her cheerful self and walking on her own with a push toy. I know most kids go through this and it is probably exciting mostly to only the parents, but I am so happy to see Kiira reach this milestone, because I honestly wondered if she would ever walk. She never ceases to amaze me! 

We fly out tomorrow and hope that Kiira does well on the flight and somehow we avoid any sicknesses that could be lurking on the flight. I am so glad my mom is joining me and can help me with ton of luggage we need to carry bandages, feeding tube and pump supplies, toys, and clothes for 3 degree weather we will arrive to tomorrow. 

We will keep you updated about our doctor visits in Minnesota and appreciate your continued prayers!

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