Day +197 Post Bone Marrow Transplant

  Thank you for your prayers and well-wishes! Kiira did great last night and honestly, it was my best night of sleep since arriving in Minnesota too. Her oxygen levels remained high on their own and eventually her blood pressure lowered too. We were discharged this morning and we gave her a bath and full bandage change since she threw up from her vitamins this morning. She fell asleep during bandages which almost never happens but made the end of the process easier. She is still napping and doing great and I’m getting a rest too while my mom does our laundry (thanks mom!)! 

 We have one last appointment tomorrow for labs, a check-up and to get her PICC line removed. Please pray she continues to do well and her labs come back normal so that we can return home on Monday as planned. And keep praying for these cells to grow!!

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