Day -20 Pre-Bone Marrow Transplant #2

13659086_401516886685568_5064036001041205799_nDay -20 (hopefully!): Today’s appointments went so fast that we had an opportunity to meet up with the rest of family to visit the aquarium and have lunch. We want to give Kiira as many outside experiences while we can, because in 10 days, she will be in the hospital for about a month and then in isolation for 6-12 months. Kiira had such a busy day that she fell asleep and I got the rare chance to cuddle with her.

We had a brief scare today from the team that Kiira’s rash might be ring worm or a different fungal issue. If it is, she would need to be on medication for 3-4 weeks, which means the transplant would be delayed. However, it’s clearing up with hydrocortisone, which typically wouldn’t happen with a fungal infection. The dermatologist will try to sample some skin on Monday to rule out anything fungal. This would alter our plans dramatically, so though a call from her doctor today sounded more positive about the outcome, please pray it’s not fungal. On a positive note, where its clearing up, her skin looks better than ever. So maybe the rash was here to “protect” her skin from blisters.

The meeting with the dietician resulted in us increasing her calories but not changing any food content until after transplant. We don’t want to introduce any new factors since we start chemo in 10 days.

Thank you for caring about Kiira and keeping us in your thoughts and prayers!

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