Day +22 Post Bone Marrow Transplant #2

Day +22: We made it to our Minnesota home today! As we walked out of the hospital room, the team sang to Kiira and this year I have it on video. Kiira was so excited to get in her stroller, looked in awe out the window of the car, and when we got home, she ran all around the apartment, pulling out all of her toys. 
As an added bonus, we don’t have to continue with TPN (IV nutrition), because Kiira’s gtube intake has increased and she even wants to sit in her high hair and eat a bite or two of food. Plus, physical therapy evaluated her and as much fun as they had playing with her, Kiira doesn’t need outpatient PT. That’s one less appointment we have to go to. 
Tomorrow Kiira has a clinic appointment (general evaluation and labs) and on Monday we draw Kiira’s blood for an engraftment test. We pray the majority of her cells are Miia’s donor cells, rather than Kiira’s own.

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