Day 224: Post Bone Marrow Transplant 

Day +224: Kiira’s Epstein-Barr Virus results came back negative again, so that’s great news! Now we just need her engraftment numbers to come back high, but we don’t get those drawn until Tuesday and will take awhile to hear the results. 
Today Kiira got to play at our gymnastics place. The owner of Flip2It Sports, has been so sweet and opened up her gym for Kiira to play when it’s empty. She loved it!! 
I want to ask for special prayers for a baby named Colton ( He was next door to Kiira on the BMT floor. This entire time (over 8 months), he has been in the hospital and had a second BMT for a different condition, infantile osteoporosis (fragile bones), and is now on life support. Their journey has been far from easy and they need a miracle today!


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