Day +227 Post Bone Marrow Transplant

Day +227: Happy Valentine’s Day! We got to spend the beautiful day with our 3 loves. The girls and I went to church, and then we had a picnic lunch at the park, came home for naps, and spent the evening at my parents, enjoying their hot tub. Plus, Jason knows I’m sentimental and he got me a book made with all of Kiira’s posts from the last year. It’s amazing to see how far she has come and how many blessings we have received since she was born. My heart is full of love tonight! ❤️
Kiira’s knee is still a bit raw, but looks better than yesterday. And for my parents sake, I am in no way blaming them for her injury yesterday. The bandages slide down and her knee was unprotected. It’s frustrating, but it happens on her feet all the time and is probably one of our biggest issues. 
After Colton’s passing last night (he didn’t have EB, but was next door to Kiira in the BMT floor), we are reminded of how fragile this process can be, and how truly fortunate we were that Kiira is doing so well. I try to push back the survivor’s guilt that peeks through and just be thankful. By the way, there are others doing very well too and others in the midst of their BMTs for EB, and I know I haven’t spent any time talking about them, but because of the positive stories, we felt a bone marrow transplant was successful enough to take the risk for Kiira. We try to enjoy every moment with her, while holding onto the hope we have in Him.

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