Day -24 Pre-Bone Marrow Transplant #2

Day -24: Today we drove 8+ hours from Billings, MT to Bismarck, ND with a detour around the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, a part of the Badlands. It was incredible! We finally got to see buffalo and Kiira, in her true mimicking fashion, learned how to say that plus a ton of other words this trip. I have a great picture of the buffalo walking by Kiira on my other camera, but the pics below capture the day. We were chased by lightening storms and they finally arrived when we got to our hotel–with downpours and constant lightening, and a rainbow in a red sky! I just pray that Kiira’s bandages, which are stored on the roof bag on our van, stayed dry!

Poor Kiira sat in her seat all day and had to get bandages done when we got to the hotel. She was a champ though and let us tend to her new and old wounds. Her feet are still insanely itchy and dry and we just don’t want to resort to medicine. We look forward to meeting with all the doctors in Minneapolis next week and hopefully we can figure something out.

Late tomorrow we arrive in Minneapolis and have 1 day to get settled. We got Kiira’s schedule and every day is packed with appointments from the 13th-20th, but we have the weekend off to have our last weekend of fun all together until at least November. I am filled with anticipation and concern, but so ready to get started!

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