Day +279 Post Bone Marrow Transplant

12321434_369867796517144_4798519313943204514_nDay +279: Kiira had occupational and physical therapy today, but it was mostly an assessment of her current abilities and a plan for her future–to keep her core strong and give her multiple ways to get around in case something is injured. For example, crawling, walking on her knees, or walking. There’s a chance she will need a wheelchair to get around for any distance or longer length of time (like school), but giving her optional ways to move, could delay that, just as she is currently using the back of her injured hand to crawl.

Having a child with so many needs, really takes a village and I am so thankful for my aunts and mom who step in at a moments notice. There are so many others too, and although I’m capable of caring for my kids and home, it’s so nice to have some duties relieved now and then. Today the older girls had soccer but with the nearly 90 degree weather, it’s way too hot for Kiira to be outside, so once again, I needed a sitter and my aunt stepped in. Thank you! The heat makes Kiira’s skin worse, so we’ll have to be creative with the summer heat.

In the picture, Kiira put on a brave smile for the camera while we tended to her still bleeding finger. Miia covered her ears and huddled in a chair during the crying and Aliisa distracts herself, but later told Kiira she is so brave. Kiira will need her sisters so much, but I hope they learn how to be compassionate, strong, and faithful because of Kiira.

Thank you for your continued prayers and loving on our sweet Kiira. You provide us with encouragement that helps us face each day. Thank you!

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