Day +284 Post Bone Marrow Transplant

12472714_371438546360069_694133734511108452_nDay +284: Today we took Kiira’s labs to find out her 90 day engraftment results since her boost of donor cells. Please pray the results are better than the 30 day test so that we haven’t completely lost the bone marrow transplant. We are waiting for results of this test before we make our arrangements to go to Minnesota for our one-year follow up in July. I so badly want the transplant to have worked!

Kiira’s finger, only one week later and days of pain and bleeding, has closed up and is on the mend. We are back to using gloves on the hand, but our “old-fashioned” wrapping was the best way to protect and heal the finger quickly.

Thank you for praying for Kiira and our family.

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