Day +292 Post Bone Marrow Transplant

Day +292: Today we received the unfortunate news that Kiira’s donor cells continued to fall. As before, she doesn’t have any donor myeloid cells (CD15) but the lymphoid cells (CD3) are still there (27%, about 10% down from before). This would mean that we may not be able to sustain the graft (the transplant) long term and we will discuss the options when we return to Minnesota the last week of June. 😔

We know you don’t need to be 100% engrafted to see skin improvement, so even the little bit of donor cells left could still be helping Kiira, but I don’t know what happens when they both fall to zero. I guess it will be as though we never did the transplant.

It’s definitely not what I hoped but I know it doesn’t change what we do day to day or who Kiira is and what she is accomplishing. I know I can’t look to a year or five years down the road, and I need to take each thing as it comes. All the things I hoped a transplant would alleviate in Kiira’s condition, (daily bandage changes, being ultra-careful with touching her, a longer, less painful life, etc) will just continue to be a part of our daily lives.

I appreciate the prayers, that we will have patience and wisdom to make the right decisions for Kiira and that her skin will strengthen now in a way that only God can provide.

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