Day +307 Post Bone Marrow Transplant

13177324_378265735677350_3853037888562352336_nDay +307: This week has been full of our usual activities–gymnastics, occupational therapy, bandages, etc. Her knee and hand are healing, and her foot reblistered yesterday, but Kiira is still walking, crawling and climbing as usual.

On Monday I took her to gymnastics to play by herself and stayed for a few minutes to join the toddler class with playing with a parachute. I’ve had kids to our house who play alongside Kiira, but Kiira has never played in a big group before. I wish I could have enjoyed it because she was in awe, but I was overcome with fear–what if they fall on her or step on her hand or knock her down? The anxiety was overwhelming and surprising to even me. I want her to be a kid, but I’m just not ready for her to play interactively like that.

Tomorrow we have our call with Dr. Tolar to discuss the second bone marrow transplant. We have a long list of questions ready and definitely not ready to make a decision about it until after that conversation. However, our plan, if we move forward with it, is for me to take Kiira to Mn for the minimum of 114 days and Jason will stay in Ca with the girls. It would be a very different situation from last time, and of course that plays into the decision. Regardless of sacrifices we both need to make, we want what is best for Kiira.

Please pray that we find clarity after our call tomorrow to either move forward with another BMT or not, and that we can feel peace about the decision. Thank you!

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