Day +322 Post Bone Marrow Transplant

Day +322: One year ago we began our journey to Minnesota. We left our home, family and friends and moved our whole family halfway across the nation to seek treatment for Kiira. And we will likely be doing it again all too soon. This time we’ll drive out together but after Kiira’s BMT, Jason and the girls will head home while Kiira and I wait out the 100+ days that she is required to stay. I hope my girls don’t forget each other, or me. I hope as parents we can figure out the single parenting thing. I hope to be home in time for Christmas, and that Kiira will be joining me.

I’ve been watching other BMTs take place. I see the struggles, the joys, those who are doing well because of it, and those no longer with us. I don’t know if this is the “right” answer for Kiira, but after a lot of prayer and thought and setting aside my own selfish reasons for not wanting to go, we feel it’s the best. Her skin is breaking down like crazy, 2 toes are just starting to web despite every effort to keep it from happening, and I just feel like we are losing this battle against EB, but a BMT might help us start winning again. Whatever path this leads us down, we have to trust that God’s plan will prevail and whatever comes, He will guide us through.

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