Day +330 Post Bone Marrow Transplant

Day +330: Things are still rolling along here. Today we got insurance approval for the 2nd BMT and I chatted with Kiira’s Hematologist, who has a background in bone marrow transplants. She wanted to make sure we knew a BMT isn’t a cure, but it could improve quality of life and that if we choose to do it, the sooner the better. Younger, smaller patients tolerate the chemo better and if she has good nutrient counts, no infections or anemic tendencies, less complications should arise. Our labs this week showed we are in a good place, so we’ll just keep things going as they are. The next step is to figure out the donor, but we are still on track for a late July BMT.

Kiira’s skin has had a bit of reprieve this week. Her rash is gone and we found a solution to the severe cradle cap that made her head itchy and red, and her knees and feet are on the mend. Now she scratches when bandages are off, so it’s a race to get them back on before she tears the skin off as she did to both wrists over the last could of days.

Despite the skin issues, Kiira loves to dance and play and laugh. She says, “Hands? Hands?” to her sister so they can dance together. I cherish these moments!

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