Day +4 Post Bone Marrow Transplant

Day +4: Today was a sleepy day for Kiira. She would play briefly, but preferred to lay down with her pacifier and snooze on and off. We’re still increasing her feeds through her tube, but she seemed hungry today, so they’re increasing them again tonight. We thought she would enjoy a bath, but instead Kiira screamed through it, probably from being cold. She was very calm for bandages though.

The doctors told us they’re finding traces of CMV in Kiira’s blood, the common virus that’s dangerous to those with low immunity, so they need to test my milk and see if I’m giving it to her. She was positive for it pre-transplant, so I thought this issue was laid to rest, but apparently I could still pass it to her, counteracting the anti-viral meds she takes to keep it away. It will require insurance approval, but in the meantime we are still using my milk.

Overall things are going well and our Aunt Kiki arrived today! The girls are thrilled to see a familiar face and she will be a welcome distraction for all of us.

Thank you for all of your prayers!
Kiira Kinkle

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