Day -4 Pre Bone Marrow Transplant #2

Day -4: Today I took the older girls to visit our old neighbor. It was so nice for the kids to see each other again and run around outside. So many memories from last year came flooding back. When I got to the hospital, Kiira was in a great mood, although she threw up once this morning. She took a long nap after her bath and bandages and then she and I played all over the room, as I followed behind with her IV pole. Her favorite spots are the window sill to look at the elephant on the playground below and the closet. She even attempted to feed her baby while leaning over from the closet. We read books, sang songs, and played with her new toys. Since she only had one of her chemo drugs today, tonight she doesn’t have to get diapers changed every 2 hours, so hopefully she will sleep more soundly. 
I said a prayer with her tonight before bed and then asked her to say one. She said “Dear God, Amen!” So simple, but so sweet. I love knowing that God hears her calling him and I pray He heals this precious child.

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