Day +5 Post Bone Marrow Transplant

Day +5: Today was a good day for Kiira. She was fairly happy and got a visit from her sisters and aunt Kiki. We got the go-ahead to feed her from a bottle again so we may try that tomorrow. They’ve been steadily increasing her milk intake with no issues, but it looks like we’ll be switching to formula. Obviously I want what is best for Kiira and, though we may not go through the testing of my milk (due to insurance and the time it takes to get results), if my milk will make her sick, then it’s not what is best. In the scheme of things, I know it isn’t a big deal–I would be done in 3 months anyway, but I kind of feel like it’s yet another thing EB is robbing from me. I realize I keep thinking about what EB has taken from me and my family and it sounds so selfish, and probably entitled. I try to be thankful–I am incredibly grateful that Kiira is doing well so far and that despite dealing with all of this, our situation has also brought us so many prayers and amazing new faces, hope for Kiira, a showering of love and a perspective on life I’ve never had before–but some days it still is just hard.Kiira Kinkle

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