Day -5 Pre Bone Marrow Transplant #2

Day -5: Things continue to go well. Kiira is loving the new toys and I’m so thankful for them, because I brought almost nothing here for her. The fun gifts really help while she is stuck in a small room for 24 hours a day, hooked up to IV lines. Today we continued with 2 chemo drugs and dealt with a few falls in the crib. I can’t remember when the sickness will hit, but we enjoy these days of energy, so many hugs and kisses from her, and laughing hysterically about the silliest things. This girl is so full of joy–I love it! 

Jason and the girls return home August 6th, so I just have one week left with them. It will be hard on both of us, but we both have a lot of support, which helps immensely. We are swapping nights with Kiira for now, so we see each other for a couple hours a day at the hospital while we give her a bath and do bandages. Then we swap kids/homes for the night. It’s only temporary though, and I love having some time with the other girls before they go home. 
We appreciate your continued prayers!

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