Day +54 Post Bone Marrow Transplant #2

Day +54: It’s hard to believe we are over half way done with our journey in Minnesota, as long as all continues to go well. CMV levels are now way down (from 2200 to 180), so all we have to do is a maintenance treatment of 1 antiviral IV a day for 6 weeks. All other levels of blood cell counts and electrolytes are stable, so now we only go into clinic once a week. Kiira has had a couple little blisters/skin tears, but so minimal compared to what we saw before BMT. I am so thankful for her recovery thus far. God has answered so many of our prayers in the way we hoped and we continue to pray for total healing so she can lead a long, healthy life. 
Next Monday we do an engraftment test to see if Kiira still has 100 and 99% of Miia’s cells. We pray that she does! Later next week, she gets a boost of Miia’s donor cells, a built-in part of the protocol this time around, which will help her to keep Miia’s cells. The rest of this week, we’ll enjoy time at our Minnesota home with my aunt and uncle who are visiting. 
Thank you for your prayers, because they’re working!

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