Day +6 Post Bone Marrow Transplant #2

Day +6: We had a great day today! Kiira was in good spirits, had physical therapy and a ton of playtime. Later she asked to go night night, so she took a long nap and had more fun playing tonight. She is interested in food and will take little nibbles, but we are fully reliant on the gtube. Chemo affects stomach and tastes, radiation makes mouth sores, and the new meds she started will affect her tastes as well, but we know it gets better eventually. 
Tonight Olive Garden and Chick Fil-A catered for families admitted at the hospital. I watched two kids help their parents with the volunteer meal and love seeing people teaching their children to give back. It’s the little things here that help us get through–a filled snack cabinet, catered meals, free books, handmade blankets… So many amazing ways to make an impact. Thank you to all those volunteers! 
Thank you also for your continued prayers.

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