Day -6 Pre Bone Marrow Transplant  #2

Day -6: Aside from Kiira’s frustration with being hooked up to her lines all day and required diaper changes every 2 hours, you wouldn’t even know Kiira was on chemo yet. She started her doses of 2 new chemo drugs today, but typically the effects take awhile to kick in, so I enjoyed watching her play with a ton of energy. Today music therapy came in to relax her for a nap after her bath and bandage change, but she was so intrigued by the guitar and wanted to play it too. 
Kiira is also enjoying her new doll and bear, so thank you for those! I haven’t been home today, but heard a ton of stuff came in her for her. Thank you so much for showering her and my other daughters with gifts! 
 Thank you also for your continued prayers.

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