Day + 69 Post Bone Marrow Transplant

11951204_310261975811060_6973531873501220651_nDay +69: Kiira had clinic today and good news–all of her numbers are coming up on their own now that the EBV is gone, so she didn’t need any transfusions.

While the whole blood panel is important, these are the 3 main measurements the BMT team looks at in her blood, and all increased:

Hemoglobin: 9.6
WBC: increased from 3.7, but we don’t have today’s number.
ANC: 1.3

These results are all an answer to our prayers and although they can go up and down, we hope they continue to increase to normal levels.

Plus, today we had no blisters to pop; any day without blisters is a great day! We hope to see many more days like this now that we are further out from transplant.

We were supposed to drop down to going to clinic once a week, but we actually have to go in every day this week for something. As inconvenient as that might be, I can’t complain because Kiira is doing great!

I try to keep up with other families on this journey and today we learned Rally for Raul is heading here on Sunday to start his BMT process. There are still many others suffering greatly from EB and even the BMT process. Please keep them in your prayers, along with Kiira (although God deserves a lot of praise too).

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