Day +72 Post Bone Marrow Transplant #2

14702464_435608116609778_5050710208444018391_nDay +72: We had a great week! Jason and the girls were here from Sunday to Wednesday morning. Though it was a quick trip, it was wonderful to have our family back together. We celebrated Kiira’s birthday a day early so they could be here too. Though it was nothing big, she loved that we sang to her and she got a little guitar (ukulele), because she loves music so much. I thought maybe she would be attached to me, but she jumped right back in with her sisters and everything was “daddy do it!” I’m glad she remembered them so well.

Since they left, Kiira asks for them every morning and almost seems sad that they aren’t here. We had a check up on Monday and everything is still looking good. We have our final visits scheduled and if all goes well in the OR on November 16th, we will be driving back to Ca on November 17th and get home a couple days before Thanksgiving. We still have to keep her isolated for 6-12 months and we will return to Minnesota in late January for a week, but I couldn’t ask for things to have gone better, considering we had to do the BMT twice.

I am so thankful that Kiira is under such amazing care here in Minnesota. The doctors give me full confidence in their ability to care for Kiira and catch things early so we can treat them before things go wrong. Kiira doesn’t even act like she went through another BMT–she is full of energy and soaking up things like letter recognition and sounds, numbers, animals, and so much more. She is now 2 and I know the days of “I do it” are coming, but for now I’m thankful she lets me help her when she needs it, even telling me to pop her blisters or cuddle her when she gets hurt. She inspires me every day!

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