Day + 73 / 11 Months Old

11986474_311422965694961_8217660242642093969_nDay +73: Today Kiira is 11 Months old. With bandages and clothes, she weighs 21lbs and is about 28″ long. She doesn’t eat or drink, but she says her versions of mama, dada, up, ball, and diaper. She dances whenever music comes on and keeps trying to pull up on furniture. She isn’t strong enough to do it on her own yet, but she is getting stronger every day. While we are trying to keep her from getting sick, she likes to crawl to the shoes and put them in her mouth. She can turn the Xbox on and off, take selfies on the phone, and loves to play with her sisters. It’s so cute to watch her follow them around. She is easily entertained and loves to laugh, but has a temper too. She does not want to be held in place for bandages or diaper changes. Thank goodness for her pacifier, music, and distracting toys.

Kiira is a joy.

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