Day +75 Post Bone Marrow Transplant #2

14680765_436881573149099_5951049630680338928_nDay +75: Today Kiira had a routine clinic appointment. Overall things are still fine, but her white blood cell counts and platelets went down fairly significantly. As a result, on Wednesday she will have IVIG and GCSF infusions to help boost her immune system. These have gone well in the past, so though it might be a long day, Kiira’s central line makes it easy to get these IV medications.

Child Family Life, a great program at the hospital to provide support to the families, gave Kiira a birthday present today. It’s just another way she is shown the love at this hospital. We feel so blessed to be seen here and for them to proactively treat Kiira as needed, even with a boost of fun to celebrate her birthday!

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