Day -8 Pre Bone Marrow Transplant #2

Day -8: All has been going great until a slight fever this evening. We know it’s not a big deal–just a side effect of ATG to feel flu-like, but Kiira’s high energy took a turn at dinner time. She is still so cute and sweet, but very subdued. I even got to rock her like a baby for awhile. 
Kiira’s sisters visited today, which was a huge help. Kiira loved the company and we loved the entertainment for her. Plus, she got to be off her IV for a few hours so she could roam around the room free of her lines and practice her yoga moves. 
We know feeling crummy is a part of this process, but we hope it’s short-lived and not severe. 
Some of you have asked about sending things to Kiira. You can message me for her address. One benefit to being in Minnesota is that we get bandages covered so we are taking advantage of that. She doesn’t NEED anything, but some have asked, and she will love it. Thank you!

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