Day +9 Post Bone Marrow Transplant

Day +9: Kiira continued to run a slight fever through the afternoon, but she was finally able to hold down all of her milk. This evening she even perked up and played happily until bedtime. We also noticed some hair falling out, and so it begins. I’m still not seeing any changes in her skin, but I know that will still take awhile. At least she is happy again!

Today Aunt Kiki left and pa arrived. It’s nice to have familiar faces here and distractions for Kiira’s sisters. This week they went to the Mall of America and the Children’s Museum, which they loved. I look forward to us all being able to do activities again, but for now my focus is Kiira.

WBC: 4.8 (low)
ANC: 4.4

Kiira Kinkle

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