Day +96 Post Bone Marrow Transplant #2

15036402_446277068876216_1548674082455630971_nDay +96: Today is engraftment study day! The clinic drew 21 vials of blood for a variety of tests, including the 100 day engraftment test to see how many donor cells Kiira has. We are hoping it’s still 100% donor! We also found out that Kiira has 7% of Miia’s cells in her skin. This amount isn’t significant, but it’s good to see that some is present.

We spent most of today’s appointment discussing our plans to go home next week. After we get results from today’s test (late this week), we’ll plan on weaning off the immunosuppressant and the IV magnesium. We can also drop off the anti-fungal and anti-viral drugs in a couple of weeks. However, they decided to give Kiira the inhaled antibiotic that requires us to go in once a month for treatment and we start that on Wednesday, along with our flu shots. It’s possible we can switch back to an oral version in the future, but the team is being extra-cautious with Kiira’s immune system, which I appreciate.

Kiira continues to do well. Her favorite new saying is, “That’s silly mama!” and she runs around, purposely standing precariously on things like books. It makes me anxious, but she gives a sly smile, like a typical 2-year old who knows they’re not supposed to do what they’re doing. Let’s just hope the BMT is working on her skin fast enough to keep up with this dare devil.

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