Dsy +193 Post Bone Marrow Transplant 

  We made it to Minnesota! The flight was on time and smooth, but Kiira was not a fan of sitting still for the 2 flights totaling 5 hours plus a layover and she made it well-known. One woman even told me after the flight that she was a pediatric nurse and thought about giving me tips for flying with children. Trust me, I tried just about everything–all my tricks with my other 2 don’t work for Kiira! If someone has tips for a 15-month old who wants to be on the move, doesn’t know how to talk well so she screeches to tell us, doesn’t eat much or take a bottle and only likes a paci for nighttime, and Benadryl does not knock her out, plus needs to be contained from germs and difficult to handle with her skin, please do give me advice! Anyway, this picture is from the beginning of the flight when we were both happy 🙂

Our dear friend Stacy picked us up in the freezing cold and had snacks, waters, our favorite Finnish breads, a toy for Kiira and other necessities that were such a blessing! Thank you!! 

We are off to bed to start out a busy week of doctor appointments. I’ll admit, I am so, so sad I won’t be seeing Vanessa and Help Anton this week. I loved stopping in to chat with them each week, and it feels like something is missing here. But I hope to see a couple other kiddos who are here for their BMTs. 

Please pray for good reports tomorrow when we meet with Dr. Tolar.

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