EB Awareness Week 2016 Day 2

14713551_440982612738995_389565585026653285_nSometimes waiting for a cure takes too long. It requires too much money, time, trial and error (and patients to be a part of those trials but when there’s only one in a million, that doesn’t leave many to try it), and red tape. Plus, the only way to cure EB is genetic modification, which is very controversial and extremely difficult to do. So, in the meantime, there are organizations like debra.org who help patients with bandages, tips, and other resources to make life with EB easier. We are thankful to them and the EB community for keeping us up-to-date on bandaging techniques, creams, medications, clinical trials and other things we can do to help Kiira. However, it couldn’t be possible without funding, of course. Consider donating to debra.org to help those with EB.
#EBAwarenessWeek #WeFightEB

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