Kiira’s 1st Birthday

Kiira's 1st Birthday
Today is also Kiira’s first birthday. I wish we were having a huge party and she was smashing her face in cake, but instead she gets to ride in the car for hours as we drive from Minnesota to California over the next week. We went to see Mount Rushmore, but since it’s windy here and wind stirs up spores that can make her very sick, she had to stay in the car and we took turns looking at it. Yesterday, Kiira scratched her eye. It was horrifying, because we could see the skin on the eyeball was peeled back and she wouldn’t open her eye as she cried in pain. I’ve read it can take days to heal, but miraculously, when she woke up, she was able to open her eye today without pain. She has a little redness on the outer corner, but even the pulled skin we saw on the eyeball last night is gone or healed. Thank you for your prayers, because God answered them!

So a one year old–I wasn’t sure she would live to see her first birthday since Epidermolysis Bullosa can lead to death especially in the first year, but she did and she is thriving. She weighs 21lbs and is 28″ tall. She shakes her head no, signs “thank you”, says several words, stands holding on to things, and adores her sisters. She has an infectious laugh and strong temper. Despite having EB, she doesn’t let it slow her down. I am so blessed by God’s faithfulness in providing for her and our family as we adjusted to her medical needs. We pray her second year leads to continued healing and instead of being riddled with fear, that we can celebrate all the joys of toddlerhood.

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