Thank you!

We have been absolutely stunned by the love and support we have received because of a local news story by a reporter who was moved by Kiira’s story (, and has now made it’s way around the world. We want to thank you so much for the financial support, kind words, and most of all your prayers. We went to Stanford yesterday and I will post an update about that visit soon, but since it was a long day of meeting with EB specialists and then a very long drive home, we haven’t been able to respond to all of the comments. However, they have been read and are very appreciated.

We hope that all the attention that Kiira’s news story is receiving is bringing more awareness to EB and EB research, which is more of the focus of  Yahoo’s Story. We are in a race against time to keep Kiira’s skin and internal organs from deteriorating, so that is why we are pushing so hard for a cure, as I’m sure all EB families are. Unfortunately some have already lost the fight before a cure was found and my heart aches for those families. I encourage you to check out our EB Resources page–these organizations have been working hard and long to find a way to make EB more tolerable for those suffering from it’s terrible effects.

Some of you have asked to send checks (made out to “Elk Grove Church of Christ” with a Designation: Baby Kiira), supplies, or gifts directly to Kiira. You can send them to this address:

Elk Grove Church of Christ
Attn: Kiira Kinkle
PO Box 1588
Elk Grove, CA 95759

Thank you again and may God bless you all during this Christmas season!

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