Welcome Home Kiira

Yesterday we welcomed home Kiira. We were so excited to finally bring her home. Miia seemed indifferent to her and Aliisa is very curious and asks where she can touch the baby, but misses being the baby herself. However, it was so nice for us to be together as a family.

Kiira had a cranky evening after we did her dressing changes but then she slept for over 6 hours through the night, until I woke her up to feed her. I can only hope that long nights of sleep are in the cards for us, but we’ll see.

This is morning the girls crawled in bed with us and watched over Kiira as she slept. I just love having us all together!

Dressing changes were tough this morning. Our older girls were fighting, which seemed to make Kiira, and us, irritable so they took much longer than we hoped. I’m sure it will get easier as it becomes a part of our routine.

Kiira likes to take long naps after we are done, so it gives us some time for the other girls, which they desperately need.

We have an appointment with her pediatrician tomorrow, but overall Kiira is looking good. Her foot wounds are finally healing with the antibiotics and no new ones have appeared. I truly believe the prayers have been helping so please continue to pray for complete healing and for our girls to have patience with us as we try to juggle the 3 girls’ needs.

Just an FYI, if you donate to Caring Bridge, the funds are going to Caring Bridge, not Kiira, which is good, but we will be setting up a donation site for Kiira soon or donate to sites like DEBRA.org in support of EB research. If you know of any medical supply places or a way to get medical supplies donated to Kiira, please let us know, as we are still battling to get her supplies covered. Thank you!!

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