Wound Care Process

I thought some of you might be interested in knowing what our daily wound care process entails.

  1. Cut all of the needed supplies
  2. Unwrap one extremity at a time and gently wash with water
  3. Slather petroleum dressings with vaseline or Aquaphor
  4. Put small pieces between finger/toes to prevent webbing
  5. Continue to wrap hands/feet up the wrist/ankle as far as needed
  6. Wrap each finger with the dressing (we don’t do this to the toes)
  7. Add a piece of Mepital (a thin foam pad) to the heels to prevent damage when Kiira kicks her feet
  8. Wrap hands/feet with stretch gauze
  9. Cover hands/feet with tubular bandage
  10. Cover hands with mittens
  11. Slather Kiira’s other body parts in vaseline or Aquaphor

Jason does the feet and I do the hands. One of us keeps Kiira calm or feeds her and holds the hand or foot while the other does the wrapping. The process has been taking us about an hour once a day when she is cooperative. If she is fussy, it can take us nearly 2 hours. Kiira currently has no open wounds, so we’re just waiting for the old wounds to finish healing and preventing new ones from coming.

We follow this Stanford video approach for an EB baby: http://dermatology.stanford.edu/gsdc/eb_clinic/eb-videos.html.

If you prefer to read about it, we use this procedure:

4 Responses to Wound Care Process

  1. Katy says:

    Please try Unguentine ointment. It was the only product that helped my dear friend cope with overly extremely sensitive skin. It healed her skin after a hospital used latex tape on her skin, that caused blisters that wouldn’t heal, until about 10 days later when her family tried Unguentine.

  2. Gina Jackson says:

    We live in Austin, Texas and I just viewed your story on CNN. Several stories touch me at times but this grabbed my heart and would not let go. Thank you so much for creating a website where the public can follow precious Kiira’s journey to her miracle! The touch she receives from her loved ones may be different than the “normal” family touch but it is her “normal” and I know without a doubt that she feels all of the love with every wound care treatment and with smile. Thank you so very much for bringing this to the public eye and allowing your precious and beautiful little one to be the messenger!

    God Bless and Merry Christmas!

  3. Oksana Kendle says:

    I read your story on yahoo news two days ago. There is a Pastor in Dallas area, who has faith to pray for the sick. He’s been doing this for 40 years. His name is Mike Simons. I was healed in his services 4 years ago. Recently a woman who was born with 1 % hearing was healed in his service. She can near 100% out of both ears now. http://www.mikesimons.com Request a prayer on their website. Dr. Simons and his wife, Pastor Hazel Simons pray over their prayer requests themselves. They have Sunday evening services in Dallas ( Wyndham Hotel, Central Dallas)at 6 pm, where Pastor prays for everyone individually who needs prayer. Come and get prayed for. I know God will heal your baby.

  4. ERIKA says:

    God is with us… that little angel will get better everyday I will pray every day for her…

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